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Nowadays, with ever-evolving technology, buying and selling a car is easier than ever. Just need a phone or laptop, you can go shopping freely. Following that trend, car transaction sites are also appearing more and more in the virtual space – websites that allow and support car buying and selling transactions. So among multitude of car buying and selling websites, which ones are most reputable and trusted?

Note: This ranking is random with no rules about popularity or traffic

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XETOT.COM is the specialized page of (a website providing comprehensive vehicle information).

The website was built to help users find and own their dream cars at low prices. XETOT.COM is really a website for buying and selling cars, motorbikes, trucks… trusted by car lovers.

With simple blue and white tones, the page interface creates a favorable impression for users thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use design. 

xe choto com

Well known as the largest general advertising site in Vietnam, Cho Tot has a dedicated section for buying and selling cars. The advantage of is that it has a large amount of traffic and easy posting interface, so it is often the place of users who want to resell cars.


Not only that, Cho Tot supports car buying and selling quite thoughtfully with the function of posting many pictures at once and seller protection policies. These factors have helped become one of the top most reputable websites for buying and selling cars in Vietnam.

bonbanh com

With a simple interface and the ability to load pages quickly, has gradually become a buying-selling-car site widely used by car enthusiasts.

Price information and vehicle types are regularly updated to help many users get instant information. Not only that, owners who have used cars for sale to “up-level” can also use this site to find customers themselves.

carmudi vn

In terms of age, may not be equal to its seniors like or, but thanks to its eye-catching interface with 2 main colors white and blue, the convenience of the site located in the search bar, making it easier to choose the right cars.

oto com vn

If you have ever heard of, then is considered the successor of this website. has been officially used since January 2019.

As one of the oldest websites for buying and selling cars, has up to 6 million visits and 22 million views per month now. Thanks to that, people who use this page to advertise cars can easily connect with buyers.

Not only that, with its satellite sites (, Xe pet Channel, …) conveys a lot of other information about cars such as car news, car reviews, car buying advice…

Top 10 trusted websites to buy/sell used and new cars in Vietnam owns an intuitive interface to display the classifieds of used car models and allow users to easily search with a few clicks. In 2020, the website reached 1 million visits/month.

In addition to car classifieds, the website also builds a blog section with tons of useful content for used car buyers, as well as constantly updated news about the auto market.

Top 10 trusted websites to buy/sell used and new cars in Vietnam is a reputable online advertising website in Vietnam managed by Buy & Sell – a publication specializing in posting classifieds and advertising.

The website has officially been in operation since 2006 with diverse categories, including the automobile section with many used car classifieds. This is a favorite address for those who would like to consult information and hunt for used cars at attractive prices.

Top 10 trusted websites to buy/sell used and new cars in Vietnam is a website owned by Anycar Vietnam – a company established in 2010 specializing in trading used cars. Anycar’s message is “Real Car – Real Price” very attractive to customers wishing to buy used cars.

The website has a simple design with ad blocks that display information visually. In particular, the blog has built a series of useful articles for the used car buying and selling community, with hundreds of thousands of visits per month. 

otosaigon com

Otosaigon is one of the big car forums in South Vietnam and especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Members will be able to collect knowledge about cars here.

In addition, the site also has very good new car reviews to help future owners better understand the car they are targeting. The page also has a bustling forum for buyers and sellers so that members can easily search and connect, creating a premise to “get rid of old cars, buy new cars” quickly and easily.

choxeotofun net

As a branch of Vietnam’s largest auto forum – OtoFun, this Otofun car market has a huge amount of traffic.

At the same time, the prestige of the otofun forum also contributes to ensuring that becomes the top-of-mind website of those who want to buy a car.

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